The Firebarn Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Tyler Loftis: Paintings”, presented by Second Ave Arts at the Fire Barn Gallery. The New York City artist will have recent paintings on display from June 20 – July 20.

Showing in the Midwest is a conscious and pointed decision for Loftis. "The eyes and hearts here offer a freshness and directness that is a great environment to show new work in. For me the Midwest represents a new frontier for American art."

"His work is daring in its simplicity. Painting, in a lot of ways, is seen as old fashioned/un-hip. Well I think now-a-days with all the glitz and showiness maybe taking the time to look at a painting is ironically the most edgy and 'different' thing to do". Chris Protas, director of Fire Barn Gallery.

Tyler will also be presenting a 2 part lecture entitled “Passport to 21st Century Painting” on Wednesday June 26, 7 pm and Wednesday July 3, 7 pm also at the Fire Barn Gallery.

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