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Wednesday June 13th, 6-9pm - Opening at Fire Barn Gallery with presentation by Richard Negre
Thursday June 14th, 7pm - Screening and presentation at UICA Film Theater
Friday June 15th, 7pm - Screening and talk on the making of the film at GRAM, Cook Auditorium
Very Special Thanks to Grand Haven Artwalk and Grand Haven Main Street DDA

The Fire Barn Gallery, 18 North 5th Street Grand Haven, in conjunction with Grand Haven Artwalk and the Grand Haven Main Street Downtown Development Authority, presents "Une Seconde Par Jour" (One Second Per Day), an animation film by Richard Negre. The artist will be joining us from Paris to talk about his work.

The Fire Barn Gallery is presenting this show in collaboration with The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Richard Negre is a painter and film maker from Paris, France. The film he will be presenting is called "Une Seconde Par Jour" (One Second Per Day). The film is about a year of the film makers life in which every day he created 25 drawings. The 25 drawings were then represented as 1 second of animation. 365 seconds equals the length of the film: 6 minutes - a year of the artists life.

The soundtrack, done by David Le Bouhellec, was made using various sounds from the moments of the day wherever Richard was while drawing over the course of a year.

His film is currently in some of the most prestigious animation film festivals in the world, including France, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Croatia, England, Turkey and Japan. It recently won a first place prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, the largest in North America, and in April it was included in the top animation festival in the world: Annecy International Animation Fest, Annecy France.

Richard brings the viewer into the most personal moment in the artists' world: the moment of creation. The moment when the pencil or brush is touching the surface, when the drawing is revealing itself to the artist.

The true screen on which his images dance is time. This film is as much about the time involved in drawing a single drawing as it is about the time involved in making a year long drawing.

Richard Negre has said, "I am interested in time." and, "...I observe that nothing is stationary; time moves everything continuously"

Chris Protas, painter and curator of the Fire Barn Gallery met Richard 13 years ago while drawing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

After living in NYC for 3 years Richard attended the Gobelins School of Animation in Paris as well as the Disney Studio of Montreuil, France.

The Show opens Wednesday June 13th, 6-9pm at the Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven with a film screening and gallery talk by the artist at 7pm. Included in the show will be an exhibit of original drawings from the film, on view through June 30th.

On Thursday June 14th at 7pm, UICA will show the film in their new 128 seat film theater, followed by a lecture and Q&A with the artist.

On Friday June 15th, 7pm, The Grand Rapids Art Museum will host a presentation by the artist, including a screening of the film, describing the films' creation and Richards' experience as an animator. See clips of the film at