This was a gallery for 4 years. We had over 40 amazing shows of national and international artists. The same group now runs AAW. For any inquiries check out


Show on display through May 20
Wed, Fri, Sat, 12-6

"Drawing is experimenting. It is having fun. It is the metaphor that is black & white lines becoming an equivalent of the world around us. Asymmetry, strangeness, a sense of humor, and eccentricity are all a part of what it is that is alive on a piece of paper…" - Dov Talpaz, New York City painter.

The focus of the next Fire Barn Gallery show is on figure drawing. In this show several artists from NYC and Grand Haven were asked to create a drawing depicting the human figure. All the drawings are made with a black and white medium, all on the same size sheet of paper.

"By limiting the materials my thought was that it could highlight the differences in approach to a common subject." says gallery director Chris Protas.


Along with the artists showing in the main room, the Fire Barn Gallery also invites the public to participate by adding their work to the show over the duration of the exhibit.

Anyone interested in adding a drawing on paper of the human figure to the show can contact the gallery at 917-572-0175 and we will hang it in the gallery. Drawings do not have to be framed.