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Very special thanks to Marushka Handprints for sponsoring this show.

Chris Protas and the Fire Barn Gallery, in collaboration with the Grand Rapids Art Museum, present "Project A," a sculpture project by international artist Tony Gant, and a presentation at the Grand Rapids Art Museum's Cook Auditorium with Tony Gant and Lynette Lombard entitled "Educating a Generation - An American Renaissance", which will feature both their careers as artists and educators.

Mr. Gant will be creating a sculpture outside the museum's main entrance that will last for only one week! It will be on view from January 21st to January 30th. The public is not only encouraged to come to Rosa Parks Circle and watch him construct it, they are also invited to participate by creating paper snowflakes which Mr. Gant will incorporate into the final work!

Construction of the work will take place Monday, Jan. 21st, to Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, 11am-5pm daily. Paper will be available at the site for those who wish to participate.

The presentation at 7pm on Friday, Jan. 25th at the Grand Rapids Art Museum's Cook Auditorium will include a slide show and a talk by both Tony Gant and Lynette Lombard. They will be talking about their art and their lives as educators.


Tony Gant and Lynette Lombard have been teaching art at Knox College, located in Galesburg Illinois, since 1993 and they both exhibit in the Midwest, NYC, and internationally. They are responsible for igniting the passion of a whole generation of artists. Their clarity and focus is palpable. Their vision and ability to describe the complex issues of fine art making is a rare gift that they have shared openly and graciously for the past 20 years.

"Lynette and Tony are without question the foundational figures in my development as an artist - for having gifted me with the means to independently understand, inquire and discover poetry through the sensate visual language." - Jason Eisner, artist from Brooklyn, New York and a former student.

This will be a very exciting event. Both artists, through their work and teaching, are creating an American Renaissance of art beginning here in the Midwest.

"Many of the artists that I admire most and have associated with for the last 15 years were at some point their students. Without having been my teachers, they have affected the course of my painting." says Fire Barn Gallery director Chris Protas.